Catch-Up is a volunteering project where people from all walks of life give a few hours of their time to tutor at underprivileged schools.


We focus on grade 4 to grade 7 learners who struggle to pass their grades. With tutoring sessions at their own schools on Saturday mornings, and over school holidays, we help these learners to “catch up”.


In addition to academic tutoring, we also facilitate music teaching classes, debating societies and art classes.


Catch-Up tutoring ensures that fewer learners drop out from school, it improves their general levels of confidence and helps our schooling system to produce more matriculants who can contribute positively to our country’s economic growth.

The only commitment you need to make is that you will be a tutor one Saturday morning every month.  The tutoring sessions start at 09:00 and finish by 12:00.


You will get the tutoring opportunity “on a silver platter”, meaning that you will know exactly where to go to and we’ll ensure that the facility and kids are ready for you. We want to give the tutors an enjoyable, hassle-free experience!  All the material and study aids are provided and no preparation is required from your side.


Our vision is to group tutors who live in the same suburb and to link them up with underprivileged schools close to them, thereby creating some team spirit, easy travel arrangements and an opportunity to bond with the school.


If you have grade 10 to 12 kids of your own, encourage them to sign-up and to join you too!


Simply sign up below and we’ll be in touch!