Catch-Up was established as a not-for-profit organisation in January 2018. Our aim is to help struggling learners in disadvantaged schools to “catch up”. 


Since 2018 we offered a volunteer tutoring programme at five township schools in Gauteng.  People from all walks of life gave a few hours of their time to tutor.  A team of tutors offered weekly English and Mathematics sessions to forty learners at each school on Saturday mornings.  The offering included a wide range of worksheets, stationery, reading books and food parcels.


During 2019 the programme was expanded to include music teaching lessons, art classes and public speaking lessons.  We also collaborated with The Click Foundation to revamp the dilapidated computer rooms at each school, resulting in the schools having fully functioning computer labs which can accommodate 50 learners at a time.


Since the start of 2020, the strategy was changed to leverage the new computer labs in the afternoons after school.  Struggling learners are now practicing their English and Mathematics in the computer labs after school, in order to “catch up”.


The Catch-Up programme helps to ensure that fewer learners drop out from school, it improves their general levels of confidence and helps our schooling system to produce more matriculants who can contribute positively to our country’s economic growth.